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SCUTI is the only gCommerce marketplace specially created for gamers. 

A platform where players discover 1-to-1 curated products that they want and need. The key difference with SCUTI is that players can now earn game rewards with every purchase in the form of Scuti$ Rewards. Rewards which can be easily exchanged to buy more products from our Marketplace, or into the currency of any Game in our Network!

DIRECT CHANNEL TO 100 MILLION GAMERS – Brands already spend BILLIONS of dollars advertising top of funnel, with minimal direct ROI attribution through Video Games. Gamers are a coveted and scalable audience! Now with Scuti, Brands can target advertising, list products, and sell directly to a projected 100 Million gamers in 2023. Scuti is your partner for entering Web3 and Metaverse!

Our proprietary A.I. powers SCUTI’s cookie-less platform to:

  • Drive Sales,
  • App Downloads, and,
  • Generate Leads directly from any video game or virtual world.

BUILD GAMER LOYALTY – Every time players make a purchase on Scuti, our brand partners reward them with Scuti$, for a better game or shopping experience. Players can take and use their rewards across any of the 100s of games in the Scuti Game Network. Or they can redeem their rewards to buy more products from our 1,000s of Brand products!

REWARDS WILL DRIVE PLAYERS TO SHOP – Each time a player makes a purchase they earn up to 5% back in Scuti$ rewards. Players use these rewards to buy digital items in their games or can use them to buy more physical products.

In independent research, 89% of players said they would shop Scuti through their games…because they can buy the same products, which ship from the same vendors, at guaranteed pricy parity. The BIG difference is, with every purchase, players are earning rewards to fuel their games and gamer lifestyle!

“Gaming Is The Best Social Media Platform For Brands To Reach Gen Z”
Paul Jankowski
Contributor - CMO Network
“This groundbreaking platform offers a peek at the future of direct to consumer commerce and will very likely change the game forever”
Reno R. Rolle
Bōku Superfoods Co-Founder and Chairman
“I’m glad to have been offered the chance to test Scuti™ with an upcoming movie release from FOX Theatrical. The concept is new and fresh and unlike other digital offerings I’ve seen in a long time”
Scott Bishoff
VP, Twentieth


SCUTI has created the FIRST and ONLY rewarded interstitials which never eject players from their game or disrupt their experience.  Scuti is the best way to connect with Gamers.

Most brands don’t realize that most traditional ad platforms eject players from their game!  Those brands are potentially suffering from being obtrusive to the players’ game experience. No brand should ever do that.

Scuti NEVER removes a player from their game – we Gamify Advertising and Reward Players.  Your brand is associated with a better game experience through Scuti.

That’s important, because games and Web3.0 demand NO WEB REDIRECTS.

Brands need to be where their player is and allow them to transact from that location…never disrupting their experience… That never goes over well with players.

“For our global brand clients, Scuti stands out with its gCommerce platform,” said Andrew Backs, CEO and Founder of Pilot44, a global digital advertising agency.

“With the addition of Scuti’s Rewarded Ads, brands can have a further positive impact on game play. Players seek out rewards and accomplishments from their games and now brands can reward play with the payoff of access, engagement, and sales.”


is built by
Video Game Makers

Scuti is built by accomplished game makers from Blizzard, Epic, EA, Microsoft Games and Zynga. Our team has worked on the biggest games on the planet.

The goal of Scuti is to help brands engage players in the best way possible, without disrupting their gameplay, and giving them game rewards for every purchase they make.

Rewards which can be exchanged for any in-game currency and virtual goods to make for a better game experience.

Scuti is the most effective channel for brands to create tailored campaigns, micro-targeted to the right players through the right games.


is built to
perform for brands

Unlike many current gaming ad solutions, Scuti doesn’t disrupt gameplay.

Scuti enhances the game experience every time a Gamer buys one of your products in the marketplace – allowing them to earn more Scuti$ (Scuti Rewards).

Scuti rewards keep gamers coming back to the marketplace to shop your products. Sure, they can shop elsewhere, but why would they? No other platform rewards players like Scuti – giving them Game Rewards for shopping.

And only Scuti has a built-in gCommerce platform, allowing players to shop direct and return to their game to use those earned rewards for a better game experience.

How does
it Work?

With very little effort, your brand can be running ad campaigns and selling products directly through Scuti’s gCommerce marketplace. Scuti connects directly to your backend system – whether it’s Shopify or your own proprietary system – we can make the required connection quickly and easily.

Every product enjoys detailed product pages which include:

  • Multiple images & angles
  • Size dropdown
  • Quantity dropdown
  • Product Description
  • Companion selling of only YOUR products
  • Rewards allocation
  • Product videos & ads

How do Players
find products on Scuti?

Players can shop from over 30 product categories in the Scuti Marketplace. They can discover new items every day through our daily deals section.

In addition, brands can run campaigns across any category to attract player attention and drive gamers to your product store.

Select brands are offered Scuti storefronts, making it easier for players to shop across your product line.

Players Discover
Key Products and
Daily Offers from
top Brands

Scuti rewards players with Scuti$ every day. Once inside the Scuti Marketplace, they can browse and access products and offerings from curated brands. Scuti hand selects every brand we carry on the platform – which serves as an endorsement from the game makers in our network.

Players are alerted daily with:

  • Hot new products
  • Daily Deals
  • Coupons and promotional offers

Why Players shop
through Scuti?

There is a vast variety of places to shop online, but Scuti is the ONLY store built for gamers while they’re gaming! We offer players a fair-value exchange – rewarding them for purchasing direct from their games.

Over 51% of players have said they will shop physical products through their games – but until now – there hasn’t been an opportunity for that sale to take place. And that’s the goal for Scuti – converting over half of the player universe to shop while gaming! It’s not just about shopping…it’s about rewarding players for their shopping.

What’s in it for Brands?

Scuti is doing advertising and gCommerce the right way for players.
  • Scuti provides brands with measurable performance and ROI
  • Scuti never removes player from their game or interrupts gameplay
  • Scuti provides brands with an authentic connection to players and the endorsement of game makers
  • Brands are an important and additive part of the player lifestyle
  • Every purchase rewards players with Scuti$ which can be redeemed by players to make in-game purchases, or to purchase physical goods
  • Scuti can provide brands with <tailored campaigns to each game
  • Scuti is a drop-ship platform, handling all aspects of a purchase except for shipping the goods to the player, which is handled by the vendor
  • Scuti allows for easy and quick integration for any brand
  • Games are a recession-resistant ecosystem
  • Scuti offer value-exchange for players, something that other platforms do not
  • Scuti is an ecosystem where brands, games, and players can thrive


Scuti hand-picks and invites each vendor to its platform. Ideally, Scuti is seeking to find boutique items which our customers (players) can discover through our platform. All vendors must be approved by each game publisher.

Once a vendor signs the Scuti T&Cs, they are on-boarded to the Scuti. Scuti and the vendor determine the best-fit items for the platform and for our gamers.

Once items are selected, Scuti utilizes eBridge to link to each vendor’s backend, and this link, through an API, draws in all product visuals, descriptions, pricing, and inventory levels in real time. This same system is used to transmit orders to vendors on set schedules or real-time.

Scuti is the vendor of record for every transaction and is responsible for all payment processing. Customers will place orders using the Scuti checkout system and Scuti will collect all proceeds from such transactions on your behalf and remit to you once the order has been shipped and received by the customer.

Scuti remits payments to vendors 30 days following the receipt of the item by the customer, to allow for returns.

Scuti is a ‘drop-ship’ platform. Our system will transmit all orders to each respective vendor, who is responsible for shipping and fulfilment. Vendors can choose to provide customers with ‘free’ shipping or require ‘minimum purchase order value’ thresholds, or simply choose to charge customers for each order.

The only data we collect is the information players share with us, such as age and gender, so we can deliver your players the best product offers that are custom designed to their interests.

We don’t sell any data to third parties….ever. Scuti does not use cookies or ever track your players.

We require address and phone number once they place an order for shipping purposes, and of course we will need their credit card details.

For each order, Scuti provides vendors with the order details, along with the shipping address, contact name and contact phone number. Scuti will make avail to every vendor, their own vendor dashboard, accessible online, which will provide real-time data on sales, effectiveness, reach, customer views, customer engagement with product listing pages, order details and aggregated audience demographic data against each product item.
Scuti follows the ‘returns policy’ of each individual vendor. Each vendor is responsible for fulfilling its returns obligations.
Scuti’s entire philosophy is to reward players for every purchase they make. These rewards can be accrued by players and redeemed for the purchase of any products in the Scuti marketplace or exchanged for in-game credits. Every vendor and every item sold through the Scuti marketplace must reward players with Scuti tokens.
The number of rewards offered to players is at the discretion of each vendor. Scuti recommends rewards of 1.0% to 5.0% of the retail price, with an average 2.0%.
Players can redeem their earned Scutis to purchase physical products or exchange them for in-game digital purchases and NFTs. The redemption process is completely seamless to vendors. When Scutis are redeemed or credited against the purchase of a physical item, the vendor is paid the full retail price by Scuti.
Scuti allows vendors to run many promotional offerings through the platform, including limited time or limited inventory sales, price discounts, BOGOs, or any other promotion. Scuti requires price parity on all items listed. No item should be found for less on other commerce platforms which the vendor has direct control over: such as Amazon, the vendor’s own commerce platform or Walmart marketplace.

Scuti uses a sophisticated AI-driven ad serving platform, matching ad campaigns to the best-fit customers. Vendors can elect to run either CPM or CPC campaigns. All ads link to the dedicated Scuti page for the respective advertised item. Scuti does not permit any web browser redirects which removes the customer from their game. All Scuti ad units are IAB compliant Billboards.

Scuti also works with game makers to integrate brands into their games.

Scuti is responsible for all communication with customers, including sending order status, tracking numbers and email updates. Each vendor provides Scuti with details, which are then passed on to customers, from Scuti.